SharePoint Development/Deployment


Over three quarters of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, but they’re not all using it for the same things. The tricky thing about explaining what SharePoint does is that it isn’t any one software program but rather a platform for several different kinds of programs. SharePoint isn’t something you buy and install on your own desktop but rather a back-end system that ties all your employees’ PCs and mobile devices together, allowing them all to communicate and synchronize their efforts. The basic goal is to make it possible for a company with a hundred employees spread all over the region to work with the same level of agility and coordination as a company with ten people working out of a single office.

Sharepoint can be used to build their Intranet sites, Store documents, restrict file system, versioning system, ease of interaction beyond small groups in single locations, work with extranet partner sites, build CMS driven websites, Business intelligence.


Mobile App Development


On the go applications is the trend right now. Many companies that have started on the Desktop platform have already made the transition to the Mobile platform. At Austurn we help to create custom mobile applications for your company. Our plans are cost efficient and reliable.



Web Application Development

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Just like our Custom Applications, we help to develop Web based applications. Integrating installable applications and making the web based version of it can be tricky at times. We’re able to make all kinds of applications, and we’re able to customize it to make yours different from the rest.


Web Service Development

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A company’s most vital source of information is their website. It contains the basic info for the company to stand out in front of their clients. As an essential asset, Austurn gives utmost importance to its websites. Handcrafted from the most advanced languages and using the latest technology, we’ve helped many leading companies to make the jewel in their crown shine.


Custom Application Development


At Austurn, we make custom applications for all your application needs. We’re able to cater to your needs. We’re able to make different types of applications, efficient and reliable. We make it so that your application is a one of a kind, by making drastic differences.


Graphic Designs & Illustrations

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They say a picture can echo a thousand words. It’s very essential for your company to be able to speak a million words to your clients, with the use of illustrations and graphic designs. Our team of graphic designers will help your company to be more colourful and convey words through creative and professional looking designs. Be it shapes, abstract, or bulk and standard, we’re there.


Content Development

Our talented team of writers will help you do the work for you. Writing can be pretty stressful at times, and when it comes to writing about your company, you may come to a standstill. Trust us, we’ve all been there. Content Development for your company can be written in many ways, and we’re there to adjust the content if it’s not up to standards. It’s completely your choice to make your company’s content to be on the Creative side or more on the Professional side.


Domain Registration and Hosting

You’ve got a website made, but where do you get to put it? A website needs a place, right? Austurn makes use of leading domain hosting services, and helps your website to be optimized for hosting.


Search Engine Optimization

Is your website not coming up on the listings very often? Why fear? We’re there to optimize the search engine, so that your website or application will always be on the top of the listings.